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Beth Carver, MS,CCC-SLP, CST, AFPA

Blending Traditional and Alternative Therapies

Craniosacral Therapy (CST)

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle touch that helps relax and balance the central nervous system.  It allows the fascia of the body to release restrictions in blood flow, flow of the cerebrospinal fluid, muscles, soft tissue, etc.   This can reduce pain and strain patterns in the body.   Craniosacral therapy (CST) holds to the belief that “nobody knows your body better than you do.”  Each of us has an ‘inner physician” that knows what we need to regulate and balance the functions of the body as well as the mind and spirit.

SpeechLanguage Pathology

Speech Pathology will assess and treat issues due to brain injury, stroke, voice, swallow and other neurological issues.  Pairing traditional therapy with craniosacral treatment facilitates a person’s functional gain after an injury or managing a disease process.

Holistic Nutrition

I took the necessary time to complete my certification in holistic nutrition to help those who need to improve the quality of their health. It’s not about counting calories or getting on the scale every day, but rather, adding some simple nutrient dense foods to your daily routine to help improve your nutrition and health. I never tell anyone that they can’t eat the foods they love! Disease gets a leg-up when we short ourselves of the 18 essential nutrients that our body needs to stay healthy. Consultations provide an in depth evaluation of your current nutritional routine with recommendations and easy ways to improve your intake of the basic vital nutrients.

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” I can’t thank you enough for helping alleviate my pain.”

“Oh my God, my headache is gone…how did you do that?”

“Oh my God, my headache is gone…how did you do that?”